Yet another flashlight mod for Doom 3

(YAFM-Headlight v0.907)

  • adds flashlight to all weapons in Doom 3 (update 1.1)
  • flashlight can be turned on or off with an assigned key
  • weapons do not lose the muzzleflash effect
Download links:
Link 1 (72kB)
Link 2 (72kB) (offsite)
Readme.txt (includes list of changes)
First, a little history. Like many others, I was somewhat irritated by the very, Very, *VERY* dark atmosphere of Doom 3. So initially I've attempted to somehow merge the flashlight weapon with the other weapons. I failed. Then I started searching the Net in a hope that someone already did that for me. Soon enough I've found the Duct Tape mod and a lot of mods that are, in essence, based on DT.
However, I was disappointed by them. Why? Because they either restrict the flashlight, or make almost the entire level lit. Because they work only with certain guns, and if they do work with them, you can't do anything about it - you can't turn the light off. Because if there's a flashlight on a weapon, then this weapon doesn't have muzzleflash effect. Why? Because those mods are basically hacks. They replace the weapon's muzzleflash with a bigger and directed one, thus emulating the flashlight beam (that's what the original Doom 3 flashlight does too). It was obvious that this approach is rather flawed. That's when I started to learn Doom 3 scripting.
Now to the mod itself.
YAFM-HL is my attempt to create a flashlight that would work simultaneously with any given weapon. Initially this work started for my private use only, but at the end I decided this could be of use to the others as well. In a way YAFM-HL is more like a proof-of-concept than something designed to actually change the gameplay. (However, YAFM-HL definitely works and does change the gameplay).
The flashlight (or, rather, headlight) originate from the player's head. Its properties are basically the same as of the flashlight weapon. The player is able to turn the headlight on or off with an assigned key (Main Menu - Options - Controls - Other - Headlight). Also when using the headlight you don't lose the muzzleflash effect.
This is one of the first complete versions of the mod, that is the first with all the intended functionality. However, not all that much testing was performed, so there might be nasty bugs of any sort whatsoever. Naturally, I'd be extremely happy to hear about them (or about their absence, which is unlikely though).
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